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Independent Life Skills, Social Skills, Job coaching and more...

Through a combination of one-on-one sessions and social gatherings, our goal is to provide each client with needs-based activities, skills, and coping mechanisms in order to become as independent as possible.

Day to day life skills are taught on an individual basis. These skills may include executive functioning skills, budgeting, and academic assistance. Custom tailored coaching plans to meet your child’s needs and help your child become more independent are created and implemented.

Social Activities (once groups are established) are built around the client’s needs and goals. Outings may include community events, dinners, holiday parties, sporting events, and volunteer opportunities. Spending time with other like-minded individuals builds bonds and boosts self-esteem. The long-term benefits can be seen in all areas of your child’s life.

Unlimited Possibilities will even help our clients find and prepare to enter the workplace. Job coaching includes resume building, interview skills, job placement, and assistance in overcoming work-related challenges.

Executive Functioning Skill​s  

Executive functioning skills through the use of hands-ons skills to include: organization & planning  & prioritization of tasks; emotional & impulse control; working memory; self-monitoring (self-awareness); task ignition (task switching); & flexible thinking. 

Independent Life Skills 

Assistance with community access; communication skills; budgeting skills; self-advocacy & self-confidence; personal hygiene; time management; nutrition for one; & personal safety. Programs are individually based. Services are offered  one-on-one or within small groups. 

Employment Skills Training 

Assistance with post-secondary career exploration; internship &job placements; resume development; & community service opportunities. 

Social Skills Training 

Social skills are targeted through a kinesthetic approach, to assist with learning the appropriate social norms, behaviors, & interactions for daily occurrences & various social occasions. 

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